Help, None of My Students Showed Up!

You may encounter a session where the students that normally attend your sessions are absent. There’s no way to plan for this, but if this happens there are a few options that allow you to complete your session as scheduled.

Work with students on a different instrument

You can suggest, or the teacher may ask you to work with students on an instrument other than your primary instrument. Depending on the instrument and ability level of the students, you may not feel comfortable doing this, but if it’s with a group of students how have mastered the fundamentals of their instrument you can work with them on rehearsing music they are currently preparing. Let them manage their warm-ups as the classroom normally proceeds, then work with them on any areas where additional coaching on style, interpretation, and accuracy might be needed. You don’t need to focus just on the difficult music; feel free to allow them to pick something they enjoy playing to help make the session a positive experience. Make sure you capture the student names from the session so you can include them in your Session Completion Report.

Sit in with the ensemble

You can ask the teacher if they would like you to sit in with the full ensemble, and use this as an opportunity to demonstrate different aspects of ensemble playing, as well as offering suggestions to students in the ensemble as appropriate.

Float during the rehearsal

Ask the teacher if there are any sections that could use any extra assistance, and if the teacher is willing you can sit in with a section or move from section to section and offer guidance as opportunities arise.

In either of the last two scenarios, make a note in the Additional Students field on the Session Completion Report on what your role was during the rehearsal, and include any additional details in the Other Notes field.

If none of these options are viable, contact us at to discuss options for receiving credit for that session.