Northwest Music Mentors, a Washington State 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, allows professional musicians to act as mentors for music students, providing instruction, encouragement and inspiration to assist student musicians as they learn and grow as musicians and human beings.

Our Vision

Every student has the opportunity and encouragement to participate in music at every level of their education. A generation emerges that is healthy, well rounded, self-expressed, and powerful citizens of the world.

Our Mission

Northwest Music Mentors partners with music educators to support children and young adults as they progress through some of the most challenging years of their lives, complementing music education programs offered in public schools. Participation in music often creates the motivation for many students to remain engaged in their studies, fostering community and inclusivity and creating a sense of belonging, accomplishment, and purpose that they can draw from throughout their lives.

Our Commitment

Our focus is schools in underserved communities, with criteria based on school enrollment and school lunch assistance participation. Our goal is to fund 100% of mentoring activities for schools that meet our criteria.

We are committed to the proposition that music is much more than entertainment, that it provides a connection between people and an experience that transcends our everyday view of the world.

For students, it is an opportunity to express, to achieve, and to belong. It results in their being citizens of the world in new ways, curious and more-well rounded with an appreciation for the things that touch us and call for our greatness.

For schools and teachers, we provide support and create an extended community. We partner with them to fulfill on their fundamental charter, that the children they are entrusted with have yet another tool, another way for them to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their fellow students.

For parents, we are another voice engaging and encouraging their children to become their best selves. To achieve the kind of success that they will never get over and for some, a reason to get up every day and remain a student.

For the community and the world, we are committed that we are supporting the next and future generations in becoming more powerful citizens of their world; armed with the ability to communicate and collaborate, and the understanding that some things are worth the work it takes.

Board of Directors

Jim Cutler

Philip Demaree

Lori Shepherd

Paul Gillespie