Like our Focused Mentorship program, this program provides the opportunity for a mentor to work with a group of students on a specific instrument or instrument family for three sessions within a single concert season. It provides the consistency of having a single mentor instruct the same students over a six week period, and allows a program to take advantage of this consistency if a mentor is needed for only a single season, or wishes utilize different mentors throughout the school year, or use multiple mentors within a single season.

Week 1

The first session is designated for student evaluation so the mentor can recommend approaches to the director for working with the students. The mentor works closely with the instructor prior to the first session to determine what material will be covered in each subsequent session. If evaluation of students’ instruments and set-ups is needed, that would be included in this session..

Week 3

This session is geared to allow the mentor to offer more specific instruction and guidance based on student ability and goals for that season, based on the performance material and instructor’s needs and concerns.

Week 6

Week six focuses on final preparation for the seasonal concert or other planned events. At the end of this session, the mentor provides the director a final evaluation of student progress and areas that may require further attention.