Northwest Music Mentors has several programs that are designed to fit the needs of most music programs, which encourage growth and the continued participation of the student musicians. Each program focuses on a specific instrument or instrument family within a single ensemble, or the entire ensemble, as determined by the music director. Mentors often work with the same students year after year as they progress through each program within a district, providing a connection that helps anchor the students as they move forward in their education.

Focused Mentorship

Focused Mentorship is a year-long program consisting of nine to ten sessions, with three to four sessions delivered within each seasonal concert schedule of the music program. In this program, a mentor will provide continued instruction to the same group of students throughout the year which allows consistent direction and growth for those students. When implemented from year to year, the relationship between mentor and students provides a pathway that encourages continued participation in music programs throughout the student’s primary and secondary education.

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Season Mentorship

A three session program that spans a single concert season. This program allows a school to utilize mentors across any portion of the school year or target different ensembles.

In this program, the first session is designed for a mentor to work with the students and consult the music director to determine areas of focus that will be most beneficial. The mentor provides targeted instruction in subsequent sessions to best assist the students in both their individual progress, and to help the group prepare for the upcoming seasonal concert.

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Bridge Mentorship

In this program, a single mentor delivers two spring sessions at a feeder school (for example, middle school 8th graders), then reconnects with those students in the fall at the next school in the pipeline (e.g., high school 9th graders, one or two sessions). Lead by an instrument specialist, instrument family, or ensemble mentor, this program creates additional continuity for students as they are promoted to their next school.

A three to four session program that begins in the last month of spring (two sessions) in a feeder school, and continues into the fall (one or two sessions) at the school fed by the feeder school.

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Ensemble Mentorship

A six to nine session program where one mentor delivers two or three sessions per concert season to an entire ensemble. Lead by an ensemble mentor in coordination with the music director.


A single session delivered by an instrument specialist, instrument family, or ensemble mentor.

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