General Information

Mentoring sessions are break-out sectionals, separate from the ensemble rehearsal, during classroom hours. Average duration is 50 minutes and is based on the classroom schedule. The mentor and instructor will coordinate to determine session dates and material to be covered during each session.

The mentor provides students coaching and instructions for improvement based on the material the instructor has determined would be most beneficial to be covered. It is the mentor’s responsibility to determine the approach that will yield the most progress for the students. Most times the mentor will work with students on material to be performed at their next concert or festival performance, however in some instances a mentor may spend time working on technique or instruction specific to their instrument. The approach is up to the mentor, and how the time is spent would be communicated to and agreed upon by the music instructor.

A school may request that a mentor work more than one classroom/ensemble, allowing a mentor to work with multiple classrooms on the same visit.

There are three programs the music instructor may choose from; Focused Mentorship, Season Mentorship, and Bridge Mentorship. The program the instructor has selected will determine the number of sessions that will be scheduled.

Focused Mentorship

  • Nine sessions per year for a single classroom.
  • Three sessions per quarter/semester.
  • Sessions are usually scheduled at two to three week intervals leading up to the quarterly/semester concert or other event designated by the instructor.
  • Instructors may requests an additional session at the beginning of the school year to allow the mentor to assist with student evaluation for a total of 4 sessions that quarter, resulting in 10 sessions in the year.
  • Required commitment is for the full school year.
  • The full year is not guaranteed to be completed due to potential changes in focus required by the instructor, however we will always do our best to insure completion of all sessions for the entire year.

Season Mentorship

  • Three sessions in a quarter/semester for a single classroom.
  • Sessions are usually scheduled at two to three week intervals leading up to the quarterly/semester concert or other event designated by the instructor.
  • Required commitment is for all session in the quarter/semester. 
  • The instructor may request additional seasons which the mentor may accept or decline.

Bridge Mentorship

  • Three or four sessions that start in the spring, and continue the next fall. 
  • These sessions are for mentoring students who will be advancing to a different school (i.e., elementary to middle, middle to high).
  • Two sessions in the spring, with one or two follow-up sessions at the new school the next fall.
  • Sessions are intended to answer questions and create a connection to help students continue with their participation to their next school.
  • Required commitment is for the duration of the program (spring and fall sessions).


Once a session has been confirmed as completed by the instructor, mentors will receive payment. If a mentor works multiple classrooms in a single visit all classroom sessions will be reimbursed in a single payment.

Continuation Compensation

If a mentor is able to work subsequent years in the same school, they will receive an additional reimbursement after the first session of the next school year. For example, if a mentor works at the same middle school for consecutive years, they will receive additional compensation after the start of the next year.

Travel Expenses

At this time travel expenses will not be reimbursed.


  • Commitment to completing all sessions in the current mentorship program(s).
  • Open communication with the instructor on schedule, student progress and effectiveness of focus areas.
  • 100% attendance for all scheduled sessions (including being set up and ready to go on time).
  • Submission of your professional information for inclusion in our roster, which can include your education background, teaching and performance experience, instrumental areas of expertise, and a photo.
  • Annual Washington State Patrol background check (FBI fingerprint check required if you’ve lived in Washington State less than 3 years).
  • Signed contract agreeing to basic terms required to perform mentorship tasks.
  • Inclusion in our roster is subject to review based on performance feedback from the music instructors and student surveys.

Being included in our roster of available mentors does not guarantee any mentorship assignments. All mentors operate as independent contractors, and are not employees of Northwest Music Mentors. Scheduling of all sessions is at the discretion of the music instructor in coordination with the selected mentors.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a mentor.