If you’ve ever worked with students in a school music program and felt like there was more you could provide if you were able to work with them on a more regular basis, Northwest Music Mentors provides that opportunity. This added consistency will not only help the students experience additional growth during the school year, but provide a connection that will encourage them to continue with music each year.

By becoming a mentor with Northwest Music Mentors, you’ll have the opportunity to work with music students as they progress through their school music pipeline, and provide guidance in addition to the work done by their music director. By working with the director on the specific needs of their classroom and students you’ll be working with, you’ll provide focused instruction that enhances the students’ music education and experience. Your expertise will give student additional direction, and you’ll provide valuable feedback to the director on student progress and future areas for their development.

Our mentors work with students throughout the school pipeline. Many of these student’s don’t have access or resources to participate in private lessons or after school programs, and the relationship you build with the students will provide a much needed sense of continuity as they move from grade to grade and school to school.

These are the qualities we’re looking for in our mentors:

  • Willingness to collaborate with music directors and other mentors as needed.
  • Willingness to work with students of all ages across multiple schools.
  • Willingness to work with sections/groups of students based on the needs of their program.
  • Highly qualified on one or more instrument, both in performance ability and pedagogical knowledge.
  • Skilled in working with young musicians – able to identify and address issues in playing, and determine and suggest solutions on the fly.
  • Able to communicate effectively to the music director on individual and group progress and recommend additional courses of action.
  • Willing to perform for music classrooms as a source of inspiration.
  • Hit the ground running, ready to mentor and inspire!

Your schedule is determined by the needs of the director and their goals each concert season, targeting the seasonal concert for their ensemble. Our programs are designed for session every other week. You’ll coordinate your schedule with the schedules and needs of each music program. Based on program needs and available funding, you may have the opportunity to work with multiple ensembles in a single school.

To learn more on becoming a mentor check out the mentoring overview, or fill out our contact form and let us know more about yourself!