Taking attendance is an important part of our reporting to the district, and when you’re only interacting with students every other week or so it can be a challenge to remember student names and who attended each session. To help with this we’ve created a printable attendance sheet that you can use to manage session attendance.

The attendance sheet can be accessed by clicking the clipboard icon in the menu bar of your profile page.

You can also go to the attendance sheet directly using this link:


From the attendance sheet tab you’ll see a list of your classroom assignments, and when you select an assignment students you’ve previously reported as attending will be at the top of the list and selected by default.

When you click the print button, only checked names will be displayed on the printed sheet, so check or uncheck student names that you know attend sessions in this assignment.

You can track the session attendance yourself, or provide this sheet for the students to indicate their attendance by checking the checkbox next to their name. Blank spaces are included for any students not listed that need to be manually entered, so if you’re conducting a session with new students or students you don’t normally work with, you can have them enter their name, student ID and grade on the sheet.

Throughout the course of the year the district requests start and end dates for students who participate in our programs, so it’s important that we track the attendance for each session accurately. If there are sessions that you’ve submitted where complete attendance may not have been recorded, let us know and we can work with the teacher to determine which students would have participated in those sessions.